The disposable biopsy forceps

works with flexible endoscopes, passing through the endoscope channel into the human body cavity to take the living tissues for pathology analysis.




The claw angle is bigger than 90°, this makes it possible that  the clinician can take larger

scale of the tissue.

The connection strength of whole product is stronger than 50N, it is safe in operation.

The opening and closing of tip is flexible, no stuck situation.

Disposable and sterile product, easy to use.

Disposable Sclerotherapy Needle

Disposable hemoclip (open and close once)

Polypectomy Snare



Entering into human body through endoscope, and transporting liquid to body cavity or

lavage/flush body cavity or other operations.




Round corner processing of end face, reducing the damage to the tissues in body cavity.

Soft sheath and hard sheath is selectable, which is easier for medical staff to operate.

Big lumen leads to a more smooth liquid transportation.



The Disposable Hemoclip

is used to hemostatic therapy for the bleeding in upper and lower digestive tract which is caused by various reasons, such as arterial hemorrhage and persistent bleeding. Also used for defect treatment of mucosa and submucosa(dimension smaller than 3cm), wound treatment after operation and colon diverticulum treatment.




Pre-loaded unibody of releaser and clips will save operation time.

The release unit is disposable which can avoid secondary pollution.

Excellent clamping force provides well tissue clamping and avoid delayed bleeding.

The smallish clips suit for clamping in any place in digestive tract.



The polypectomy snare

is used with high frequency coagulator device, and intended for resection of colonic polyp under endoscope.




Applying to resect the polyp which is smaller than 5mm.

Applying to take out the foreign body which is strip shaped, such as plastic stent.

Connect firmly, available for rotation operation, and well controllability.

PTFE sheath, easy operation and excellent insulativity.

Many models for your choice, effectively cover the needs of clinical uses.

Multi-ply braided wire, enlarging tissue contact area, creates great electrocoagulation

and electrosection condition.

Humanization design of handle, follows mechanics characters, operating easier.