PillCam Endoscopy

Capsule Endoscopy provides a sensitive, non-invasive method of investigating the gastrointestinal tract. It does not require the use of sedation or general anesthetics

Health Tourism

Inscope Healthcare is your provider for premium quality medical treatment in UK. Our service is tailored to cover your needs before, during and after your medical travel.

Monopolar Scissors

High quality double action scissors with curved blades to increase visualisation of blade tip during cutting.

Specimen Retrival Bags

The detachable bag requires the deployment device to be removed following tissue capture, enabling the separated bag to be set aside and removed upon completion of the laparoscopic procedure.


The optical trocar provides the user with direct visualisation of the tissue layers during insertion. The optical clarity of the trocar allows the user to visibly detect when the peritoneum is penetrated, reducing the risk to the patient

Balloon Cannulas

A complete system for atraumatic and secure cannula fixation during laparoscopic surgery.

Blood Warmer
Shadowless Operating Light
Ultrasound Machine
Sterile surgical gown & scarf
Endoscopy Stack Procurement, Installation and Training
Sterile Gown and Drapes
Ambulance Stretcher Installation
Bedside Cabinets
Ultrasound Machine Installation
Anesthesia Machine Installation