The HD-320 image processor uses advanced video processing technologies. The processor enables easy access for users to attain outstanding images. Compatible with the EG-330 and EC-330 series endoscopes,  it is a professional choice in the field of the digestive tract.




Efficient and clear image


Delivering sophisticated image quality via enhanced color adjustment, increased brightness adjustment and minimized image noise.




Improved image processing


The HD-320 offers extraordinary image quality through edge enhancement, color adjustment and noise reduction.




Intelligent, user-friendly operation


Automatic white balance and brightness control to achieve the ideal image quality for the clinician with each scope.


User-friendly operation

Users can define their short-cut buttons on the endoscope, making the examination more comfortable and convenient.


Advanced technology


Combines a variety of technologies such as the single microchip CCD imaging, digital image processing, optical technology as well as advanced software technology, thus providing a safe diagnostic procedure, accurate judgment and stable operation for the operator and the patient